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Circular Worldbuilding Lab (CWL)

- explores how Circular Economy can be experienced and created from a user perspective using Worldbuilding as a format and framework. As humans, we have always learned through stories. Without stories, our knowledge and ideas become unconnected to the world we live in. In order to fully understand and more importantly act on the principles of Circular Economy, both private and public sectors organisations has to understand and experience, not only the need for, but also the possible actions and outcome of the principles.


The Circular Worldbuild Lab (CWL) creates an experience and learning space for the possible futures built on a circular understanding. Worldbuilding as a format has been used in the entertainment industry in order to create realistic and believable environments. Now the same ideas and design methods have been translated into a toolkit that can be used to co-create complex world scenarios that allows participants and others to fully understand and experience the systemic relations a possible future consists of. The Worldbuilding Institute at UCLAs media department, being the first to use worldbuilding for other things than pure entertainment. The CWL aims to create a lab that experiment and continue developing the tools and methods, while serving as a hub for creating the knowledge about Circular Economy through workshops and events using worldbuilding methods.

Target group: Private and public organisations, educational institutions both local and international, the public. Anyone that want to get a richer look into the future of Circular Economy in practice.

Activity: CWL will conduct a series of worldbuilds that explores the different perspectives of Circular Economy in the format of conferences/extended workshops, but also develop the format towards a commercial usage, both as a service to companies, but also producing material capturing the ideas, knowledge and experiences to be used in other projects wanting to get a handle on Circular Economy and Worldbuilding as a format. The CWL will also create a travelling team that can make Worldbuilds on site for potential customers.


Expected outcome: CWL will pioneer the experienced based education and not only let the users understand and shape the world, but also educate in the general field of Circular Economy (Fx. Circular Design methods, developed by IDEO/McArthur Foundation) and Worldbuilding as an approach. This has been proven in similar projects conducted in USA, to create a whole new level of understanding of the topic, but also generate very concrete actions based on that understanding. New services, products, methods and mindsets will emerge and the Worldbuilds will capture them in a format that allows for their immediate usage in practice.

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